Calculating Average Moving Costs

You will get a lot of questions arising in your mind the moment you realize that it is just a matter of time for you to pack your items and move to the new home. While you may be able to get answers of most of the questions, there are going to be some which can be frustrating due to complexity involved in the process of estimation. One of those tough questions is about the costs of moving. Whether you are leaving an apartment of 3 rooms or a single family home of 4 – 5 rooms, you will need to calculate the amount you will need to pay whether you hire movers or organize the move on your own.

Another factor which can have greater impact is the distance you will need to travel in order to complete the move. Moving from one city to another is surely going to cost a lot lesser than moving from one state to another.

Importance of average costs

Although you may not be able to get answers to all of your questions, you can make a guess about the costs of your upcoming move. The main purpose is to:

  • Set up the moving budget in the most appropriate manner
  • Avoid any surprises related to the costs of moving
  • Avoid any cost-related stress by knowing that you are ready to bear the expense of moving

Having that said, the only way you can calculate moving costs in an accurate manner is to let your chosen mover doing all the calculations. They will send experts to your home in order to make complete inspections about the number of items and difficulty involved in the packing and loading of those items into the moving truck.

Average costs of local moves

A move comes into the category of local moves when it stays within the radius of 100 miles and doesn’t cross the borders of state. Local movers charge you the fee on hourly basis. It means that the movers are going to charge you the money based on hours they are going to spend in preparing items, moving items and unpacking items at destination.

Average cost of cross country moves

Cross country or interstate move involves the moves that exceed travelling beyond 100 miles or the ones that cross borders of a state. The way money is charged for these moves is different from that of local moves. In the interstate moves, money is charged based on moving distance, weight of shipment, and additional services that you acquire.

Moving on your own

Perhaps the cheapest way to move is to move on your own. For this move, you will need to have good knowledge about driving a moving truck because you are taking all of your belongings to the new place. So, you will have to make sure that your items remain safe during the transit. If you are can pull this off on your own, you should go for it. However, you shouldn’t put your belongings at risk if you are not fully aware about how to take care of your items during the move. Hence, hiring movers turns out to be the cheaper and safer option in this regard.


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